After you start your blog and install plugins and themes, its extremely important for security updates. WordPress plugins are like apps for your WordPress site. You can install them to add new features and functionality to your website like adding contact forms, photo galleries, sliders, etc.

Plugins are created by third-party developers. Most of them keep improving their plugins by adding new features, improving code quality, and keeping them secure. These changes are then released as updates.


When there is a new update available for plugins, you will see the notification on the plugins menu in the WordPress admin bar.

To get started you’ll need a couple tools and pieces of information:
1. An FTP program. This allows you to connect to your site via SFTP/FTP. FileZilla is a good free option, but you can choose whichever program you prefer.
2. Your SFTP details. You can contact your host to get these details.

Once you’re connected to your site via FTP, use the folder structure in the Remote site tab to navigate. After, you need to download the most recent version of the item. Use a tool to open the .zip file you downloaded and extract the folder inside.

Then, find the extracted folder in the Local site tab of your FTP program and upload it to the plugins or theme folder on your server. Once the file upload completes, your plugin should be updated to the latest version. You can verify this by going to the Plugins tab in your WordPress dashboard.