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Added: Dec 15, 2020
Description: WPLMS – Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme
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WPLMS is one of the most affordable commercial learning management systems available. However, you get what you pay for, and while the student interface is outstanding, the course creation interface, where you’ll likely be spending most of your time, is lacking in some areas.


WPLMS makes clever use of existing WordPress plugins for some of its features, including WooCommerce for monetizing courses, and BBPress for discussion forums. While this makes the install process a little more complicated, it allows WPLMS to remain one of the more affordable and feature-rich Learning Management Systems. One of WPLMS’s standout features is that it includes e-learning specific WordPress themes, as well as being a full-featured LMS. The default Student interface is excellent, allowing students to easily search for courses by category, instructor, price, etc.
The actual learning interface is one of the best available. When enrolled in a course students are presented with a full screen interface that gives a great overview of the course, showing their progress, while dedicating most of the screen to the actual course materials.
In WPLMS, course creation and management is done through the front end, instead of in the WordPress control panel where you might expect. They claim this is so “instructors do not need to see wp-admin area”, although I’m not sure I see the value in this, as the WordPress admin area not particularly daunting, and it would make more sense to keep all admin tasks in one area.


– Video Conferencing
– Monetization
– Gamification
– Discussion Forums
– Mobile App (extra charge)
– Huge range of plugins


For update request contact our support, and we will notify you to the email entered. We don’t offer technical support for WPLMS. If you’d like to be supported, please purchase the full version.


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