Version: 4.4
Added: Jul 12, 2021
Note: This is the same plugin or theme as distributed by the developer.

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Pageloader is a wildly customizable loading screen and progress bar plugin for wordpress. Add it to your theme as a simple preloader or make use of it as a full-blown branding tool; the incredibly easy to use customization tools allow for both. Pageloader is a fantastically lightweight and unobtrusive preloader that makes an instant impression on your visitors.


The launch of version 4 is a notable update to pageloader with numerous elements changed and added. When upgrading to version 4 from an earlier version, please take into consideration that you will most likely need to re-enter some of your settings. This is an unfortunate side effect of the changes and optimizations included in the re-build. This was done with our eyes on the future however, so please do look forward to pageloader’s continued evolution; as always, any and all updates will be 100% free to existing customers.


– position icon anywhere on the screen
– freely change icon animation speed, size and colors
– add blur and fade effects with pageloader plugin
– upload image or enter image url
– add blur and fade effects
– optionally enable smooth page transitions (the loading screen appears the moment a link is clicked)
– the loading screen fades into view but slides to the bottom of the screen out of view
– upload background image (set as pattern or full size)
– the loading screen slides in from the left and slides out to the right etc
– place anywhere on the screen
– customize bar width, thickness, roundness
– position anywhere on the screen
– show loader on homepage only (great for welcome screen behavior)
– enter up to 5 loading texts, to be shown at random on each page load
– customize loading text color
– customize font size with pageloader plugin
– if loading takes too long, a helpful message with a close function appears
– set custom appearance timing
– enter custom text
– display only once per browser session
– customize text and background colors
– use theme font
– display anything you’d like on the loading screen through the included unstyled widget location
– show loading screen on touch devices only
below the complete list


For update request contact our support, and we will notify you to the email entered. We don’t offer technical support for pageloader. If you’d like to be supported, please purchase the full version.


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