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Added: Sep 1, 2021
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Javascript has been dominating the space of website development in the past years. This is nothing strange, as all of the effects and interactive behavior we’ve seen comes from the code of javascript. WordPress and elementor haven’t had an answer to this for a very long time, at least not an easy one. Crocoblocks steps this up by adding an easy way to manipulate the effects and elements behavior. Meet jettricks, an easy to use and intuitive tool to give your websites their souls. We have all seen those cool, fresh changes to the websites, where different elements pop up the different ways when scrolling.


Jettricks does this but in an easy way. In a matter of clicks, you will have mastered the technique of building different animated effects for your objects or blocks. There’s an option to change different properties and parameters, such as scale, color, or position, as well as adding different breakpoints. How this essentially acts is that once an object is clicked, hovered or user has just scrolled a portion of the page, the objects change their properties. By doing so, you can make hidden menus, pop up animations, sticky objects, parallax scrolling, and many more. Everything that can be changed is split into three main categories. There are layout, style, and advanced. Different categories open different possibilities, thus leading towards adding custom animations and particles. Most of the impressive 3d effects are done through the advanced panel, where you can import all of your custom code.


– image tooltips for elementor
– hotspot widget for elementor
– sticky column
– section particles
– live demo
– read more expand widget
– unfold text widget
– satellite
– parallax scrolling effect
below the complete list


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